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Equity Emerging Markets Asia Managers - Latest News

A-shares inclusion in MSCI index: six top managers' predictions

With the index provider set to decide whether to reshape the EM index, Citywire Selector asked leading managers on how to play this potential change.

Revealed: the top five Asia Pacific equity managers

Citywire Selector uncovers the dedicated regional specialists posting the strongest performance in the Asia Pacific Inc Japan sector over the past three years.

A-rated manager: why I’m backing Netflix’s main EM rival

Emerging market specialist Laurent Saltiel believes South African firm Naspers can become a key global player in the online streaming market.

Fidelity Asia expert: the sector to avoid in India

Citywire + rated manager Teera Chanponsang has given Indian state banks the cold shoulder in his latest fund update.

China set for new stimulus surge, say two top managers

A-rated Jian Shi Cortesi and HSBC GAM's head of China equities are looking to tap into expansionary fiscal policy in China following its 12th National People's Congress.

Top managers react to latest round of volatility in China

Citywire Selector asked China equity specialists if the drop in the market means last year's volatility will continue in 2016.

The top-performing Indian equity managers of the past three years

With India's growth outlook turning more positive, Citywire Global uncovers the strongest performing managers running cross-border funds in the specialist sector.

Digging deeper into the Saudi story: top managers reveal tactics

After the country moved further onto the emerging market stage at the start of summer, Citywire Global canvassed top investors on how to play the market.

Vietnam in vogue: top managers on the new frontier favourite

With the ASEAN nation appears to be opening up to foreigners, Citywire Global uncovers why it is topping investors’ agendas.

Revealed: the top 10 equity managers of the year so far

Citywire Global uncovers the sector specialists posting the strongest outperformance over the first six months of 2015.